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What to expect when working with M-Tech Security Solutions

At M-Tech Security Solutions, we strive to equip our customers with the necessary tools to ensure their property(s) security. Since the day we started, our primary goal has and will continue to be a quality product. Finding new products and learning new methods, we have continuously updated our approach to designing, installing, and maintaining our customers' projects.

We start every project with a free estimate; this involves an on-site assessment and a discussion with the customer regarding their security concerns, past issues, highlighted areas, etc. The purpose of this assessment is to ensure that we will quote the proper equipment that will satisfy our customer's desired results.

The next step is the project Design. This design includes an overview layout of a property exterior and an interior layout (customer would need to provide existing plans). A standard part of this process is a detailed schematic of the proposed camera locations, general coverage, and other equipment, including wireless dishes, network equipment & NVR (Network Video Recorder) Locations. What sets our product apart from other solutions is a detail-oriented design tailored to your needs.

Camera resolution.
Network bandwidth.
Storage capacity.
Viewing requirements.

Our calculations include room for expansion and additional capacity to ensure we don't overload any device in your network. Our customers have peace of mind with the knowledge that if they want to add cameras, later on, they don't have to replace the main components of the system.

The customer will receive a detailed proposal, including a list of all the equipment, work scope, detailed schematics, and pricing. We assure our customers that we do our best to design affordable systems.

We provide an array of services

With over a decade of experience, you can trust us to get the job done right. You can hire us for:

Look to us for both residential and commercial security and network services.

3 reasons to trust M-Tech Security Solutions

There are many reasons why our clients swear by our security camera installation service. We're dedicated to providing quality results on every project we manage. You'll appreciate working with us because we:

Provide personalized services

Offer competitive pricing

Never cut corners

We serve clients who own properties in Aurora and Denver, CO. Contact us now to learn more about our security camera installation service.